Meditation is an accessible and practical tool available to everybody so they may experience the principles of peace, detachment, mindfulness, wisdom and equanimity. Regular meditation practice helps us develop these qualities and thus, create harmony, satisfaction and happiness in our lives.

Meditation is the intentional practice of going inwards to access the truth of who we are without the external distractions so prevalent in our modern world. In this space of deep inner enquiry and observation we come to experience greater self-awareness and connect with the abiding awareness that is always present beneath daily superficial activities.

Meditation at Mithraels is practised in a safe, sacred and supportive environment conducive to deep personal inner enquiry focusing on your sensory experience without adhering to any fixed views or guidelines. Meditations are in co-creation with clients as staying within your comfort level is paramount at all times.

Meditation is available in a 1 to 1 private session or in a private group.

Meditation Groups are also run on Monday evenings for like-minded individuals wishing to come together for guided meditation and the opportunity to share experiences so they can flow more easily and joyfully through life.

Meditation leads to transformation as we reconnect with our heart and infinite potential for love and joy as the basis to moderate our experiences and bring more harmony to ourselves, our relationships and our world. Over 30 years of scientific research shows no matter what your age, job, religious background or life experiences are meditation can bring the following benefits:

  • Quieting the mind
  • Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Depression.
  • Induces relaxation of the whole body and mind.
  • Helps a variety of medical conditions (heart disease, asthma, type II diabetes, PMS and chronic pain)
  • Aids numerous psychological conditions (insomnia, phobias and eating disorders)
  • Increases the activation of left frontal regions of the brain to lift moods.
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves mental clarity and decision making processes
    Generates inner calm, confidence and contentment.
  • Brings a sense of Gratitude, Oneness and Simplicity to life.